A blended learning approach is more effective for engaging and developing employees


Blended learning is more effective for engaging and developing employees. Reinforcing learning using bite-sized lessons can help increase retention and overcome the Ebbinghaus 'forgetting curve.' The Institute for Management Studies has been an innovator in the use of blended learning, and has been using it as a tool to support the development of our member organizations' employees for over 10 years.
Blended Learning
Our partnership with award-winning microlearning pioneer AthenaOnline provides attendees with access to a special application we call Leveraged Learning or L2. Each curated, mobile-friendly L2 page offers microlearning videos that are available 24/7 and support the IMS program that the participant attended. A threaded discussion board allows participants to ask questions of the expert or each other, deepening their understanding of the principles they have learned and how to apply them.
Printable tools and other materials are also available on each L2 page along with a recording of the IMS program they attended. Participants also receive 30 days of access to the full AthenaOnline microlearning library of 2,800 bite-sized lessons on topics such as communication, diversity and inclusion, sales, coaching, building trust, innovation and many other topics that can help them upskill their capabilities.
People forget about 80% of traditional learning after 30 days. 90% is lost within one year.


Every IMS member coordinator receives full-time access to the entire IMS/Athena microlearning library of 2,800+ lessons. These can be saved and shared internally to help support internal IMS member development initiatives. Shared lesson usage can be tracked to show usage and engagement.
Need even more? Athena offers licensing options for competency collections and SCORM compatible packages for your LMS that start for as little as $500 per month. You can even get a fully customized portal to provide microlearning access for your entire organization. Contact IMS to learn about other options.
Blended Learning
Blended Learning


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