4 to 5 hour programs offer interactive exercises, breakout discussion rooms, and much more


These three-hour live, virtual programs offer interactive exercises, breakout discussion rooms, and much more. After each virtual program participants will receive a certificate of learning, signed by the IMS thought-leader, along with 30 days of access to our award-winning online Leveraged-Learning platform from AthenaOnline.
In addition, after the program, learners will receive additional materials to support their learning experience for the next 30 days. The learning journey culminates with a 30 to 60-minute live online group coaching session and discussion with the IMS expert, to help program participants with implementation strategies for what they have learned. Each participant will also receive a certificate of learning and CPE* credits.
Paid resigistrants who are not able to attend on the day of the program will be given access to a recording of the live session and will receive all of the other learning journey benefits, including the follow-up coaching.
Attendee Sample Certificate


Powerful Communication: Craft and Deliver your Message with Authority and Authenticity

July 12, 2022 with Dr. Debbye Turner Bell
Effective communication can impress people but powerful communication can move people to action. This program identifies the elements of powerful communication and teaches you how to harness and utilize your individual skills to become a communicator that persuades, inspires, and transforms. Expect a highly interactive program with group exercises, skills assessment, demonstrations, and plenty of opportunities to apply what you are learning.
Book by Dr. Debbye Turner Bell

The Accountable Leader: How to Build a Culture Where Everyone Owns the Results

July 14, 2022 with Linda Galindo
In today's work place, the concept of accountability has taken center stage as a vital business concern. Yet it is all too often confused with punishment, fault-finding, blame, and guilt. If employees take ownership for the success or failure of tasks, projects or initiatives, then an environment of trust, alignment, communication and accountability can be created. Personal accountability results in less time spent managing, and more ...
Book by Linda Galindo
Book by Linda Galindo

Next Level Leadership: Key Skills Required For Your Continued Success

July 19, 2022 with Bob Treadway
Next-level leaders are recognized as strategic human assets who are indispensable - and next in line for promotion. This practical and engaging program teaches techniques that allow leaders to see around corners, anticipate the next big things, lead teams to achieve challenging goals, and make wise decisions that hold up in situations of uncertainty and volatility.

What Every Manager Needs To Know: Develop Business Acumen to Get Ahead

July 21, 2022 with Dr. Noah Barsky
Many rising leaders find themselves and their teams challenged when workplace expectations stretch beyond functional expertise. Even with abundant (and often excessive) data dashboards these days, many employees still struggle to identify and really understand their company's most important business metrics. This session guides participants on how to enhance their leadership influence by connecting strategic priorities, financial realities and p...
Book by Dr. Noah Barsky
Book by Dr. Noah Barsky

Agile Leadership: How to help leaders and teams navigate change

July 28, 2022 with Dr. Barbara Trautlein
In this dynamic program, you will get beyond the buzzwords and leverage a proven formula for change. The CQ® System for Developing Change Intelligence® is based on decades of leading transformational change across diverse industries, years of conducting global research on managing change, and study into the psychology and neuroscience of change.
Book by Dr. Barbara Trautlein

How Innovative Thinking Leads to Extraordinary Outcomes

August 09, 2022 with Dr. Iris Firstenberg
Successful organizations operate on the edge of chaos and embrace risk, error, and ambiguity, while practicing strategies that reduce the need for doing, undoing, and redoing. You will learn key strategies and practical tools to give you the adaptive capacity to work creatively with change and uncertainty. Using examples from teams and organizations that have applied these tools, we will discuss how to tap the human potential for creative thi...
Book by Dr. Iris Firstenberg
Book by Dr. Iris Firstenberg

The Hidden Language Of Organizations - Workplace Politics, Power And Influence

August 11, 2022 with Margaret Morford
Accomplishing the goals and objectives of any organization requires more than just smart employees who work hard. They need to be savvy as well if they are going to advance their careers or be promoted in any organization. Learn to master the one career skill no one talks about and business schools never teach, but that derails careers most often! Participants identify which of the rules of "positive politics" they are most likely to violate as...
Book by Margaret Morford
Book by Margaret Morford

Maximizing Your Brainpower for Leading in Changing Times

August 16, 2022 with Ann Herrmann-Nehdi
This engaging and highly interactive session will reveal the four secrets of agile and inclusive leadership and how you can build the thinking flexibility necessary to meet the mental demands of today's constantly shifting environment. By exploring your thinking styles and their impact on communication, teams and decision making, you'll learn how to become a more successful leader, collaborator and problem solver in a changing, often remote envi...
Book by Ann Herrmann-Nehdi

High Impact Inspirational Leadership

August 18, 2022 with Dr. Sean Hannah
The goal of this program is to improve your capabilities as an experienced leader. Learn advanced strategies to navigate the profound challenges of your role in which the stakes are high, time is scarce, and there are no easy answers. Discover how to:
  • Create a sense of purpose and drive for excellence
  • Engage the hearts and minds of your team
  • Empower others through communicating your leader intent expressing "...

How To think Strategically: Essential Skills To Increase Your Impact

August 25, 2022 with Dr. Louise Kelly
Managers at all levels are expected to engage regularly in strategic thinking. Those managers who consistently provide unique business insights that lead to their organization's competitive advantage will excel and often be rewarded with advancement opportunities. Strategic thinking is an open-ended activity, which makes it very challenging for some. It is helpful to have techniques and tools to expand one's capacity for strategic thinking and d...
Book by Dr. Louise Kelly
Book by Dr. Louise Kelly

Control Your Attention, Control Your Life! Helping Leaders Amplify Performance

August 30, 2022 with Maura Thomas
Leaders need a more strategic framework to achieve more of their most important results and help their team members do the same. Outdated "time-management" advice is no longer a relevant path to productivity. Our biggest obstacle in the 21st century is not that we don't have enough time (still the same 24 hours we've always had!). It's that we have too many distractions! And we can't solve a distraction problem with a "time" solution. Attention M...
Book by Maura Thomas
Book by Maura Thomas

Leading vs Managing: The Difference is Key to Your Success

September 13, 2022 with Ann Tardy
This session will explore the essential strategies and techniques required to powerfully lead and manage simultaneously from the same role. Being a manager is one of the most arduous and yet most valuable roles in any organization. The challenge lies in dealing with the expectations of those above and below you while also contributing to people's success around you. When you master this, you will discover how to impact any organization from the m...
Book by Ann Tardy
Book by Ann Tardy

How to Achieve Faster, Easier and Better Results

September 15, 2022 with Jake Jacobs
It can be hard work to achieve challenging business results - whether working on your own, with your team, or on a special project. In this program, we will discuss the 8 smart, strategic actions, or levers, that can be applied in any situation. Use them and you'll be on your way to getting more done with fewer headaches, hassles and problems. You can use the levers for everything including:
  • Improving your personal performance;
  • <...
Book by Jake Jacobs

Influence to Impact: Leveraging Interpersonal Power for Women Leaders

September 20, 2022 with Dr. Jeanne Porter King
Influence is a crucial competency that enables leaders to succeed in the global marketplace. This program is a highly interactive, leadership development workshop for women. In this course women come to understand the three levels of power involved in influencing, they discover their I2I (Influence to Impact) influence profile, they are taught the power of language and the role gender plays in organizational influence, they are taught to use dial...
Book by Dr. Jeanne Porter King
Book by Dr. Jeanne Porter King

How to Stay Productive, Positive, and Energized: 7 Steps to Greater Resilience

September 22, 2022 with Dr. Andrew Shatte
The rapid pace of change and unrelenting demand for your time can leave you feeling drained. This class is an excellent opportunity to "recharge your batteries" as a leader. Learn seven leadership strategies for helping both you and your team become more resilient and productive in times of adversity and change. "The scientific research shows that more than education, more than experience, more than training, it's RESILIENCE that determines w...
Book by Dr. Andrew Shatte
Book by Dr. Andrew Shatte

Unleashing Bottom Up Innovation & Improvement In Your Organization

September 27, 2022 with Alan Robinson
80% of your organization's potential for improvement resides in the minds of your front-line employees. As a manager, how can you harness those ideas to improve efficiency and customer service, make more innovation happen, and improve the bottom-line? Dr. Alan Robinson has worked with or studied idea systems in over 450 organizations in 30 countries and will give you practical insights with real-world examples on how to build a unit or organizati...
Book by Alan Robinson
Book by Alan Robinson

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

September 29, 2022 with Brenda Bailey-Hughes
Developing your emotional intelligence can help you succeed at any stage of your life or career. It can also help you become a better leader, mentor, and coach. In this course, Brenda Bailey-Hughes defines exactly what emotional intelligence is and how it can help you manage your emotions and build stronger relationships. Learn how to understand others' perspectives, balance empathy and accountability, demonstrate listening, and respond appropria...

From Player to Coach: Making the Successful Transition to Management

October 11, 2022 with Dr. Michael Woodward
During this program, Dr. Woodward will share the latest research on what makes a successful manager and also share a model used by highly effective managers. In addition, there will discussion on how to facilitate self-insight along with providing simple techniques for developing self-insight, building trust and fostering psychological safety. This program blends rich content with individual exercises and group discussions.
Book by Dr. Michael Woodward

Authentic Leadership: Build Trust, Resolve Conflicts, And Inspire Others

October 13, 2022 with Mike Robbins
Authenticity is critical to success and effectiveness for 21st-century leaders. Now more than ever, it's essential for leaders to build authentic relationships to build trust, resolve conflicts, and create a true sense of inspiration and unity for their teams and organizations. This interactive program is filled with insight and practical techniques; all grounded in positive psychology and strengths-based leadership principles.
Book by Mike Robbins
Book by Mike Robbins

Mastering Tough Conversations: Communicate Best When It Matters Most

October 18, 2022 with Neil Staker
How we individually and collectively talk about tough issues has a disproportionate impact on results and relationships. Unfortunately, we tend to be at our worst when it matters most. We avoid, hint, try sarcasm, and vent, as relationships deteriorate and problems go unresolved. On the flip side, individuals and teams that talk effectively about anything are agile, effective, and happy. This workshop is incredibly practical and engaging. You'...

Leading from the Middle: A Practical Approach to Achieving Extraordinary Results

October 27, 2022 with Dr. Jackson Nickerson
While much advice on leading change addresses challenges faced by the C-level suite, it is the leaders in the middle of the organization, the ones who commonly are tasked with building capabilities, who are on the hot seat. Unfortunately, few approaches to leading change are designed to help them succeed. This session introduces a new and specific set of processes to help mid-level leaders navigate their organizations so that they can succeed in ...
Book by Dr. Jackson Nickerson
Book by Dr. Jackson Nickerson

Straight Talk: Influence Skills for Collaboration and Commitment

November 01, 2022 with Dr. Rick Brandon
This program teaches assertive, empathic, and positive communication skills that achieve greater accountability, results, teamwork, and innovation. Dr. Brandon will hone your core communication skills of Assertive Speaking and Active Listening and then funnel them into Gaining Commitments that last, with a Follow-Up Session that reinforces these skills and gives tips for Confronting Constructively and defusing defensive reactions. Especially with...
Book by Dr. Rick Brandon
Book by Dr. Rick Brandon

Leadership Presence: Sending All the Right Signals

November 03, 2022 with Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman
Leadership presence is that elusive quality that sets you up for the next promotion and gives your career an extra boost. It's a blending of personal and interpersonal communication skills that when combined, send all the right signals. It's the impact you make when you show up and contribute in meetings. It's knowing how to project confidence and keep your poise under pressure. It's the ability to present your ideas decisively, assertively, and ...
Book by Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman
Book by Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman

Dealing with Difficult People: Bringing Out the Best in Others

November 08, 2022 with Dr. Rick Brinkman
This program is based on the best selling McGraw-Hill book Dealing with People You Can't Stand: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst, co-authored by Dr. Rick Brinkman and Dr. Rick Kirschner, which has been translated into 25 languages.
Book by Dr. Rick Brinkman
Book by Dr. Rick Brinkman

Negotiation Skills: Developing The Skills Of Getting What You Both Want

November 10, 2022 with Peter Stark
Managers, supervisors, and employees frequently face situations requiring negotiation skills. Interacting with clients; agreeing on appropriate schedules and deadlines for projects; solving problems with clients; obtaining organizational resources; and maintaining high customer service standards with your team are just a few of the many situations that necessitate high-level negotiation skills. Utilizing effective negotiation skills is the only...
Book by Peter Stark
Book by Peter Stark

Becoming a Leader: Strategies & Tools for New & Emerging Leaders

November 15, 2022 with Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper
This program focuses on equipping managers with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively manage people and increase productivity in their areas of responsibility. Participants explore basic managerial concepts, discuss common situations and challenges and learn how to apply specific strategies and tools to successfully manage people.
Book by Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper
Book by Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper

Critical Thinking Skills To Improve Your Decision-Making

November 17, 2022 with Dr. Michael Roberto
This program shows you how to stimulate dissent and debate to improve your decision-making. Of course, conflict alone does not produce better decisions and improved results. Leaders need to cultivate debate and simultaneously build consensus.  Whether you're a leader or a project team member, this program will help you leverage your team's immense untapped wisdom to make better decisions-and get better results.
Book by Dr. Michael Roberto
Book by Dr. Michael Roberto

Working Smart: Managing Priorities and Mastering Workflow

December 01, 2022 with Dr. Jason Womack
Your work days are different now. There's as much (or more) to do as always, and to add to the pressure you feel, uncertain times lay ahead. Some priorities you are managing because they are in your job description. Other priories have been thrust upon you, while you handle the daily workflow of email in between attending phone and video meetings. How are you doing? Are you feeling more stressed than you want to be right now? During this session,...
Book by Dr. Jason Womack
Book by Dr. Jason Womack

How Women Rise: Breaking The Habits That Are Holding You Back

December 06, 2022 with Sally Helgesen
In this interactive workshop program, aimed specifically at senior and high potential women, Sally draws on her collaborative work with #1 ranked executive coach Marshall Goldsmith to help participants address habits and behaviors that can hold them back from moving to higher levels. Most of these behaviors are rooted in strengths that may have served women well early in their careers but can undermine them as they assume more responsibility and ...
Book by Sally Helgesen
Book by Sally Helgesen

Leading From Anywhere: The Essential Guide To Managing Hybrid & Remote Teams

December 08, 2022 with Dr. David Burkus
Research shows that employees are more productive and engaged when they have the freedom to work from anywhere-which means leaders need the skills to lead from anywhere. Learn how to handle the key challenges that remote leaders face: building a strong team culture, developing norms for communication, limiting distractions, ensuring accountability for work, providing feedback, and avoiding burnout. This session provides everything you'll need to ...
Book by Dr. David Burkus
Book by Dr. David Burkus

Optimize Your Decision Making by Anticipating the Unexpected

December 13, 2022 with Dr. Kathy Pearson
In this program, you will learn how to increase the quality of your decision-making and those of your team, even in volatile, uncertain, complex and uncertain environments, as you work through engaging case studies and current corporate examples, to understand how to apply this knowledge in the 'real world'.
Book by Dr. Kathy Pearson

Breakthrough Ideas: Becoming a More Strategic Thinker

December 15, 2022 with Dr. Julia Sloan
Being strategically competitive in today's chaotic and complex global environment requires a different way of looking at how we approach strategic thinking. Leaders who are tasked with strategic responsibility must be attentive, agile, adaptive and innovative thinkers. Four key issues are addressed in this session: Why do organizations need strategic thinkers? What is strategic thinking? Who is a strategic thinker? How can strategic thinking...
Book by Dr. Julia Sloan
Book by Dr. Julia Sloan