Fast-paced overview of key topics that are critical to organizations in a time of disruptive change


These 60-minute live, virtual programs are free to all IMS members. Each provides a quick dive into key topics that are critical to organizations during a time of disruptive change. Packed with actionable learning strategies, participants will experience an interactive virtual program with an IMS thought leader and receive post-session support through microlearning lessons and a discussion board. A recording of each session is available to all registrants who are unable to attend on the day of the program.


Overturning Overwhelm at Work

October 06, 2022 with Rebecca Zucker
Even prior to the pandemic, overwhelm at work had become a pervasive issue. The pandemic only exacerbated the problem. The tidal wave of work and other demands coming at us is not likely to stop. To be sure, there are cultural and organizational issues that drive overload and need to be addressed. Nonetheless, there are things that we can do - and change - about how we behave and think that can give us a greater sense of agency and control, makin...

How Digital Leadership Is(n't) Different

November 22, 2022 with Dr. Gerald Kane
Digital disruption won't end anytime soon; the average worker will experience numerous waves of disruption during the course of a career. The COVID pandemic accelerated many of these changes, and will make the coming years more disruptive than in our lifetimes. Many leaders mistakenly believe that they need an entirely different skillset to lead a digitally mature organization or a digitally native generation. Prof. Kane discusses what should an...
Book by Dr. Gerald Kane
Book by Dr. Gerald Kane

Strategies For Leading Innovation

December 14, 2022 with Dr. Vijay Govindarajan
innovation, which deals with the problem of innovation faced by many organizations; how do you re-invent, while still meeting the performance requirements of the current business.
  • Execute the present core business at peak efficiency (box 1)
  • Avoid the inhibiting traps of past success (box 2)
  • Build a future day by day through breakthrough innovations (box 3)
Book by Dr. Vijay Govindarajan
Book by Dr. Vijay Govindarajan
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